Teach me hindi fast


Hindi is actually easier than you think and it is fun to learn.

**Are you of Indian descent and always wanted to start learning it?

**Are you a parent wanting to teach your children Hindi?

**Are you a homeschooler?

**Do you have friend that speaks Hindi and want to surprise them by speaking like a native?

**Are going to travel to India soon?

Foundation, foundation, foundation!

Toddlers, children and adults will all benefit from this application. Through repetition you can learn the foundation of Hindi properly as well as come to recognize the flag of India!  This is but one application in an upcoming series on learning Hindi.

Best of all - Updates are FREE and this application works OFFLINE.

We are very interested in continually enhancing this application.  We value your reviews and e-mails so please keep them coming!

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Available for the Android and Windows Phone